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Choosing the Right Mover


Choose Experience


This is number 1 for a reason. Moving companies come and go - the best ones stay for a long time. Look for companies with a proven history of moving homes or businesses similar to yours.


Talk to your family, friends and colleagues


Talk to anyone who has moved, even if it was a long time ago. Not only might they help you to find a mover, they will probably also have lots of tips for making your move easier.


Check the Internet


Check the web sites of the movers you are considering. Also look for online forums, reviews or any other feedback and information on moving and movers.


Free Estimate/Check the Estimate


If they want your business, why would you pay to find out what it will cost? Make sure all aspects of your move are included in the estimate. Does it look professional – like it’s from a company that you would want to handle all your things?


Sound too Good to be True?


Estimates of time and price will vary from mover to mover. Be careful if one estimate or promise sounds really good; a lot different from the others. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Ask About Hidden Charges


Makes sure you know what is included in your estimate. Many movers will charge more later if they have to go up stairs or encounter anything that is “extra”.


What Other Services do They Offer


This is where you will find differences between movers and why there may be some difference in price. You’re very lucky if “a couple guys and a truck” are all you need. Other services that can make a move successful include:

  • Moving Supplies – Can you get everything you need from your mover instead of driving around town?
  • Packing Services – Often you cannot afford to have your home or business tied up while you pack. Many movers will help you pack or do the packing for you.
  • Storage – You can’t always move everything at once, or maybe you just need a place for your things for a short while.
  • Moving Consultant – Someone to answer your questions and offer advice for a smoother move.
  • Variety of Trucks – If you’re moving a small condo or office, you probably don’t need a tractor-trailer.



Never assume a mover is insured - remember, it’s your stuff, it’s up to you to make sure it is protected.


Dedicated, Professional Movers


Again, it’s your stuff – make sure the people moving it know how to do so properly. To make more money, many movers will use inexperienced and untrained labour.


Ask for References


If they have none, just one or two, or the references seem suspicious in any way, choose another mover.

Avery Moving & Storage has been moving homes and offices since 1985. Our fully insured professional movers know how to treat you and your belongings right and offer the sorts of services you need for a better move.

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