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Make Your Move Easier, Let Avery Do It

Imagine you had to move all your furniture and belongings, pack and unpack,
every day. After a while, you’d get to be very good at it; faster; better.

That’s Avery – For over 25 years, we have moved homes and businesses, across town, across the country and around the world – and we are very good at it.

It’s Why Avery’s Packing Service is Your Best Option for
a Smoother Move

  • Your Own Moving Consultant – When you get Avery to do the packing, we don’t just do the work, but your Avery consultant will make your job easier by helping you organize your things and your time
  • Packing Supplies and Containers – Whether you need returnable plastic containers, cardboard boxes of all sizes or just a little more tape, Avery has them
  • Protecting Your Things – We don’t just know how to pack, we know how to protect. Your Avery Moving team are all trained, dedicated movers who take care first:
    • Everything packed and protected before moving
    • Professional packing materials
    • Custom containers and crates as needed
    • Fragile items and antiques are our specialty
  • Maximize Your Time – You don’t have to pack! It means less interruption to your home or business and more time to make sure your move is a success


Best of All – Less Stress

Moving can be one of the most stressful things you will ever do. Let Avery do the packing for an easier, faster, more worry-free move.

See our profressional packing services at work.

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…especially the packing service you offered. Even unpacking was easier!

R. Thornton
Newmarket, ON

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